Sekinoya's "Masu-no-Sushi" Backed Up By Constant
Pursuit Of Genuine Taste!

Sekinoya's "masu-no-sushi" has been developted and improved over generations,
backed up by its long history and tradition as a masu-no-sushi maker, since Sekinoya
started this business in 1878.
Sekinoya's "masu-no-sushi" has become more and more popular among people due to
the indescribable harmony of color and taste produced from vinegared Toyama-grown
white rice, sliced pink salmon trout (masu) and green bamboo-leaf wrapping,.
The first master Denuemon, the second master Kenjiro, the third master Tatsujiro
and the fourth master Yosinobu have developed superior quality masu-no-sushi and
established the present reputation as a top masu-no-sushi maker.
Time flies and everyone has his own taste, but the essence of taste never changes!
The genuine taste is retained among people's tongues forever.
It is my duty to hand down this long-established taste of Sekinoya's masu-no-sushi
to the next generation without losing the original spirit.
I am sure you will be pleased with our "masu-no-sushi", which has been adored by
people more than 120 years.

The fifth master Masayoshi Maekawa

Head Opffice: Shichiken-machi 4-11, Toyama City
Tel: 076-432-8448
Factory : Shichiken-machi 4-2, Toyama City
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