Pink-colored Masu-no-Sushi, a Visually Delicious Speciality

Speaking of the charm of masu-no-sushi, we can not ignore not only its essence of
taste but also its visual beauty. You can enjoy its colorful contrast between pink trout,
white rice and green banboo-leaves. Above all, pink trout play an important role in
this colorful combination.
Originally, wild trout caught from the Jintsu river flowing in the middle of the
Toyama plain were used for masu-no-sushi. From ancient times, trout have been used
for a Shinto ritual as the holy fish. According to an ancient document, trout living in
the Jintsu river were the best ones all over Japan.

Elegant Taste enhanced by the Aroma of Green Bamboo-leaves

Green bamboo-leaves help enhance the taste of masu-no-sushi. These leaves are picked off and dried in mid-summer.
The bright green color of bamboo leaves come to life again when they are put into hot water.
These leaves add elegant flavor which is essential to masu-no-sushi, and also play a role as deodorization and preservative.

Flavor of a Wooden Container enhancing the Taste of Masu-no-Sushi

Masu-no-sushi is tightly wrapped by a wooden container called "Wappa", which helps prevent masu-no-sushi from being spoiled and dried for several days.